SOLLERS ENGINEERING helps "SMILE" boarding school

How important is to do the good deeds today? "Very important!" - the Sollers Engineering team answers you amicably.

On the eve of the new year, the Sollers Engineering team gives New Year gifts to children with disabilities from the Ulybka boarding school. Gifts include various sets of educational board games that will allow children, in their free time from learning, to spend joint leisure time, develop fine motor skills and social skills.

“It is very difficult to find help now, but here you call yourself and offer us such a wonderful gift. Your proposal was very unexpected, indeed, New Year is a time of miracles! " - says the director of the school Ismailova Naylya Alievna.
There is a friendly and warm relationship has been developed between the boarding school and Sollers Engineering. Sollers Engineering will continue to help the school, and Nayla Alievna now has someone to turn to for any help!

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