The geography of presence of the UAZ brand was replenished with one more country - after a long break, the logo of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant again becomes familiar to the Angola market.

As part of the systematic implementation of the export development strategy, the Ulyanovsk company continues to expand its sales geography. In parallel with promoting the brand in the countries of South and North America with a high level of socio-economic development - Chile, Mexico, the USA - UAZ seeks to consolidate its success on the African continent. A new direction in this region is the Republic of Angola, which reopened the borders for the Ulyanovsk brand after an 18-year break in cooperation.

UAZ Patriot SUVs received high marks from representatives of the Angolan side. Cars from a trial batch delivered to the republic were demonstrated to potential customers who showed great interest in the model.
“The developing countries of Africa have long been considered the traditional prerogative of UAZ. Reliable and unpretentious vehicles, ready for the most severe operating conditions, are required and are successful here. Angola, as one of the largest markets on the mainland, is currently experiencing dynamic development. And we are returning to the country, where we have been virtually absent since 2003, with new products capable of realizing their potential in harsh African conditions, ”said Alexey Zabolotnov, Head of the Export Sales Department of UAZ LLC.
“Our export development strategy also envisions further expansion to the African continent. In particular, the focus is on countries with left-hand traffic - especially for those markets, the Sollers Engineering division is preparing design changes to the UAZ line models for the appropriate steering wheel location, ”added Alexey.
In the future, the entire model range of the Ulyanovsk brand will be presented on the market of the Republic of Angola. According to the representatives of the African side, at the initial stage, the market capacity in quantitative terms will amount to several hundred cars annually. The delivery of a commercial batch of vehicles is scheduled for 2022.


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