«Electrical dozen» of SPARTAN vehicles from SOLLERS Engineering

In November 2021, within the scope of the joint project for rendering services between LLC UAZ and SOLLERS Engineering, the first stage of work was completed to convert the glider-vehicles UAZ HUNTER into UAZ Spartan electric cars. The final installation of electrical components and sales of e-vehicles in the EC market will be carried out by a Western business partner of LLC UAZ. In the course of this work, a number of vehicles have been converted into the right-hand drive version.

The major changes in the vehicle base design related to the right-hand drive conversion and installation of electrical components are:
- installation of reinforced springs
- steering relocation to the right side
- modification of wire harnesses
- modification and relocation of the brake and accelerator pedals to the right side
- modification of headlamps and backlights
- modification of chassis assemblies

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