SOLLERS Engineering about

Innovative engineering

The main result is the success of our clients

We do not just provide engineering services, but create value for our customers through the prism of a deep understanding of the processes and accumulated experience in the mechanical engineering industry. Our industrial culture is imbued with respect for engineering work and responsibility for every result we pass on to our customers. Continuous improvement in work for our customers and partners is the main distinguishing feature for all employees of Sollers Engineering. The highest quality standards of our work are the key to the successful implementation of your projects and sustainable development in the future.

Goals commitment

Our goals are not declarative. All activities of the company and its future are based on concrete steps that reflect the belief in the values we share. We believe that only in this way can we secure our leadership in the economy of the future
Respect Business approach Lidership Result Knowledge

Our Offices

All our units work as a single organism. Each contributes to the combined expertise of the company and makes us a geographically dispersed and technologically unified innovation engineering center


432034, Ulyanovsk
Moscovskoye shosse 92, corp. 36


445043, Tolyatti
Yuzhnoye shosse, b. 163-А, fl 2, room 1


606520, Zavolzhye
st. Sovetskaya, b. 1А, corp. 14B

Moving forward

Many people think that we are new to the market. Others respect decades of our history. Both are right.

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