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From idea to manufacturing
Our team is an example of a unique synthesis of rich experience, professional knowledge and a desire to become part of the latest technological order. We have at our disposal a wide range of tools for the success of your project. We are ready to support both a large project at any stage of the life cycle and start-up companies in their movement towards manufacturing and engineering excellence.


Our DNA is based on product development in the automotive industry. We are familiar with all the stages of product maturation: the starting point for any project is the study of the concept and basic parameters of the product. It is at this moment that constraints and goals for engineers, target markets, technologies, deadlines, budgets are laid, teams are formed. The technological framework of the project at this stage defines the fundamental foundations and tasks for the design team, as well as formulates the competitive environment and goals for differentiation from analog products. Completion is an opportunity to prepare a holistic vision of the product for all project participants in order to further develop it using project management methods.


Our engineers find practical implementation of conceptual solutions, developing models and a complete set of necessary design documentation. The cross-functional experience of our specialists in CAD modeling is a reliable guarantee of the optimal solution for your product from the automotive and related industries. Modern computer modeling systems allow solving complex problems in a short time and integrating various units and assemblies on new and time-tested platforms.

Testing and certification

During product development, we never rely on chance, every detail, be it a body element, an electronic component, a chassis part or an engine, undergoes the necessary tests under realistic conditions to further optimize them. The reliability of all units and assemblies is checked in the most difficult operating conditions, which are simulated in laboratories and at test sites by our specialists. For components that have passed all the necessary tests, the experts of our company prepare certification applications and receive certificates of the established form.

Manufacturing engineering

Decades of accumulated experience and millions of production vehicles allow our production engineering team to confidently declare themselves. Our aspirations are always directed towards the future in order to provide optimal and sustainable solutions for the batch production phase. Industry know-how for the design of robotic assembly lines, selection and commissioning of modern equipment, production logistics, organization of product launches, quality control systems - these are the building blocks that distinguish us from other engineering companies. We always succeed in organizing serial production.

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