Sollers Engineering is developing a project for generator-engine unit line powered by natural gas.

As power plant, a ZMZ-409.052 engine produced by Zavolzhsky branch of the Sollers group is used. The expected power generated by such unit is be 25 or 60 kW depending on the configuration.
Our company has experience in the development of prototypes of natural-gas-powered generator-engine units as well as in the production of vehicles with gas equipment.

The perspective market demand for this type of equipment is seen basing on the following factors:
- generator units now available on the market with a power of up to 100 kW are mostly gasoline or diesel with the cost of generated energy being high;
- gasification of privately owned small housing will contribute to the growing demand for generator units utilizing the main pipeline gas with the cost of generated energy being 2 rubles per 1 kW* h.
Depending on the type of use, the following modifications are offered:
- open-area generator units delivered in containers;
- mobile units on wheeled frames for transportation;
- open-type indoor generator units.

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