SOLLERS Engineering is on the meeting of the industrial policy of the Ulyanovsk region.

The council meeting on the industrial policy of the Ulyanovsk Region chaired by the acting governor, Aleksey Russkikh, has been hosted as part of the Industry Day of the Ulyanovsk Region, where the advanced proposals of local companies on interaction between the industry and the regional authorities have been discussed.

SOLLERS Engineering has participated as a key speaker on subject “Complex engineering services provided by SOLLERS Engineering”. The report has addressed the initiatives on industry development concept and use of electric road transport in the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030.

SOLLERS Engineering has made a comprehensive presentation of its services to the top managers of the regional industrial enterprises. The company`s previous project experience has roused interest of the directors of the regional industrial sector as well as governor`s personally, especially in terms of perspectives of the AURUS project, in which SOLLERS Engineering is directly involved.
Following the report and further discussions, SOLLERS Engineering has been tasked to develop proposals for joint projects, where specialists of SOLLERS Engineering will be the main participants.

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