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Successful projects –
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Engineering expertise for the success of your project.
We understand the requirements of each customer and have all the necessary tools to translate your idea and transform an initiative of any degree of readiness into a successful project. Deep expertise in the implementation of large-scale projects in the automotive and other engineering industries and our focus on modern methods of project management of any category of complexity - the basis of our values.

Manufacturing Production

Our core expertise and set of engineering competencies relate to product development processes for manufacturing production. The colossal experience of specialists and a whole list of successful projects speak for themselves. We are managed projects of any complexity and are ready to challenge the most ambitious tasks. Correct determination of the nature of the projected type of production and the degree of its technical equipment, the most rational for the given conditions of a specific production production, is very difficult, requiring a technologist to understand the real production situation, the nearest prospective development of the enterprise and the ability to perform serious technical and economic calculations and analyzes. Confident possession of such tools and techniques allows us to boldly declare our professional achievements and competencies.

Our experience and knowledge
the key to the success of your project

Each of SOLLERS Engineering's expertise is the focus of the best industry practices and successful experience of many completed projects of varying complexity. Their combination allows you to manage all the necessary competencies for the development of a full-cycle project with the subsequent provision of services to maintain your product in mass production.

Engineering services

Design of a vehicles, main components and assemblies from the conceptual level and the development of technical specifications to industrialization and the start of manufacturing production. Implementation of the entire range of works on the design, testing, validation and certification of vehicles, as well as their components and assemblies


Sollers Engineering is a geographically distributed holding company specializing in engineering design and research in the field of mechanical engineering. We have offices in close proximity to the largest engineering conglomerations.


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